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UAZ PatriotAmong bright characteristics UAZ Patriot, the comfortable and protected space for the driver and passengers of this car model UAZ is combined with the magnificent flotation ability inherent in all cars of mark UAZ. At the same time is an excellent car for a city. New knots and units provide UAZ Patriot reliability in operation. And new approaches to manufacture and assembly allow to tell about new quality UAZ and about corresponding responses about cars UAZ.
UAZ Patriot will not bring you on the journey and will unperturbably continue a way even when asphalt will end.
UAZ Patriot is a new modern, safe, powerful and reliable off-road car. Characteristics UAZ allow to maintain comfortably the car, both in city conditions, and in the conditions of full impassability.

The base complete set includes antiblocking system of brakes and system of distribution of braking powers (EBD). Thanks to adjustment of a drive gear of a pedal, the effort to clutch pedals practically was twice reduced. In interior there was a support for rest of the left foot of the driver, the metre panel is updated, inclusion of a passing beam of headlights together with ignition is added. At a driver’s armchair the lumbar prop now is regulated. Also UAZ Patriot gives possibilities for transformation of interior at the expense of the rear seat divided into two parts (each part of a back can be regulated separately on a discharge angle).

Reliability of off-road car UAZ Patriot.

UAZ Patriot possesses the powerful and reliable engine that in a complex with the advanced technical workings out in transmission gives it magnificent road performance and tremendous dynamics.

With such potential of car UAZ Patriot you always will to feel confidently and comfortably in an intense city stream and at movement on heavy impassability.

Uaz Patriot

Comfort of off-road car UAZ Patriot.

Pluses UAZ Patriot: the big interior and a luggage compartment, convenience of boarding-alighting, the excellent review, a good noise isolation to be pleasant to passengers and members of household, a good gear box, the steering booster, on a line is equal and silent at speed 120km/ch (on a tachometre 3000), high quality of colouring, equal spacings, accurate interior.

uaz patriot salon

Since 2007 off-road car UAZ Patriot is updated – on UAZ Patriot ’ 07 the braking system has completely changed. On the car the main brake cylinder and the vacuum servo of brakes companies Continental Teves (Germany) are used. Application of new accessories has provided substantial increase factual pedals of a brake and drop on it of efforts.

For the first time in history the Russian motor industry company Bosch, specially for UAZ Patriot ’ 07, has finished antiblocking system of brakes (ABS) and system of distribution of braking powers (EBD) last 8th generation which have entered into base equipment of off-road cars in the maximum complete set Limited, and also in the form of options in other complete sets. Precisely same systems for today are used by all world motor-car manufacturers for the models of last generation.

Besides, practically the effort to clutch pedals was twice reduced. It is reached thanks to adjustment of a drive gear of a pedal, the gear as a whole and ruggedness changes.

The driver’s comfort is raised also by new details of an interior: a passenger compartment there was a support for rest of the left foot, the new block of resetting of head light (there was a new mode “car” — inclusion of a passing beam of headlights together with ignition) is applied and the metre panel on which indication of modes of behaviour of transmission now is entered is updated. The corresponding pictogramme reminds the driver of inclusion of a mode of an all wheel drive which is not recommended to be used on firm coverings.

For UAZ Patriot 2007 designers of automobile holding “Severstal-auto” adapted new front armchairs and a rear seat which also are used for a complete set of off-road car SangYong Rexton (are issued in Russia under the licence of Korean company Daewon). New armchairs provide higher level of comfort of the driver and the passenger and are supplied by all necessary resettings. So, the driver’s armchair besides standard resettings is supplied by separate resettings of front and rear parts of a pillow, and also resetting lumbar prop. Both lobbies of an armchair also possess the expressed lateral support.

In comparison with the previous model, new armchairs UAZ Patriot provide bigger quantity of transformations of interior. First of all — at the expense of the rear sofa divided into two parts, each of which can be partially (only a back) or completely (a pillow and a back) is combined. Besides, each of parts of a back of a rear sofa can be regulated separately on a discharge angle.

Together with installation of new interior designers of the car have changed the central extension housing and a moulding to a tunnel. This element of an interior became more functional and convenient at the expense of the niches formed in plastic and coasters. The traditional boxing between front armchairs also has changed — it became “two-storeyed” with compartments for large and small things. The traditional scheme of a convenient arrangement of buttons of window regulators, inclusions of an additional heater and the block of resetting of mirrors on a front wall of the central boxing has remained also.

At last, on interior UAZ Patriot floor ’ 07 it is used new shumo – and a vibration insulation which raises comfort in an off-road car for the driver and passengers even more.

Engine management system.

For UAZ Patriot the new control package is adapted by engine BOSCH. The main difference of a new detail — function of tracing and storing of failures of the engine, in particular pernicious for candles and a catalyst converter of combustion misses. Besides, the new control package is absolutely tight and placed in hood space.

At last, new UAZ Patriot ’ 07 differs the raised stability to stealings: the immobilizer is entered into the regular equipment of an off-road car.

Weight of the equipped car: 2170 (on 100 kg above than at petrol Patriot)
For preservation of useful loading of 600 kg, a front suspension it is strengthened.

The maximum speed:
135 km/h (on 15 km/h more low than at petrol Patriot)
Thanks to the diesel engine the car differs higher dynamics of dispersal and pull-rod. Off-road possibilities above.

All parametres of geometrical flotation ability are kept: the basic knots of a suspender, transmission and brakes as at petrol Patriot.

Fuel system: 2 tanks on 39 l.

Electronic control package the engine: Bosch EDC16C39

Check point Dymos: a new crankcase and the extended main drive shaft. Reduction ratios are kept.

uaz patriot

uaz patriot

The recommended retail price, rbl.

Classic – 470 000
Comfort – 510 000
Limited – 580 000

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