No longer the red-headed stepchild of the auto world, Chinese cars are making their presence felt, creating major headlines at Auto Show Shanghai 2011 and abroad.

Great Wall has become the first Chinese manufacturer to have passed European Union standards and set up shop in Europe. Its Voleex models (above) have even reached the Holy Grail of the British market.

If you’re of a certain age and into cars, you’ve probably heard the one about the Lada. Or possibly the Trabant. The Yugo was a favourite target of the budding comedian. “Yugo, but it doesn’t,” was a popular zinger back in the day.

Chinese cars could have ended up like those Eastern Bloc lemons – not worth the gas filling their tanks. But the latest joke going into Auto Shanghai 2011, the country’s biggest motor show, is the one about Chinese carmakers laughing all the way to the bank.

MEXICO CITY — Nicaraguan President Daniel Ortega presented 87 Managua taxi cooperatives with 450 Lada Kalina cars Saturday.

“Next year we expect another 1,000 Russian cars as part of the modernization of Managua’s taxi fleet,” under a contract between the Nicaraguan Coruna company and AvtoVAZ, Ortega said. In addition, he said, 200 more cars were expected from the Kurgan car plant within weeks.

Nicaraguan officials are counting on the new cars to alleviate the severe transportation shortage in Managua.

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Car sales in Russia

On the back of an economic recovery and government rebate program on used vehicles, new car sales in Russia zoomed by 80 percent in November, the highest in two years; said the Association of European Businesses on Wednesday.

Giving out the details in a statement, the association said that sales of automobiles and light trucks reached 189,902 for the month of November and total sales till date stood at 1.7 million, a growth of 28 percent over same period last year.

AEB’s automobile-manufacturers committee Chairman David Thomas said in an email statement that the number may reach to 1.9 million by the end of the year, which is “significantly beyond any previous forecasts”.

Russian government will spend at least 21.5 billion Rubles ($687 million) this year in a cash incentives program to revive the fortunes of car manufacturers. The country is following a global trend in boosting demand to take the industry out of a slump not witnessed since World War II.

“Clearly the scrappage scheme and improving credit availability have combined with increased consumer confidence to deliver growth across all segments and most brands”, Thomas added.

As the economy picks up pace, foreign manufacturers like Ford, Volkswagen and Toyota have started increasing productions and have lined up new models.

Domestic company AutoVAZ’s model Lada is the market leader followed by locally produced Ford Motor’s Focus and Renault’s Logan.

Guide AvtoVAZ has approved seven names, which will in future be used to identify new models, radio station, City FM ». Thus, the new Lada will be called: Slavia, Ladoga, Quanta, Adera, Alegra, Terra and Fortuna. In addition, it is worth recalling that we already know the name of a new “national” car that will replace the “classics” and the family of Samara, – this model will be called Granta.

According to the management of the Volga car, all of these names will cause a positive association among the Russians. Apparently, the name of Quanta is designed for the sports coupe or a model with a powerful motor, Alegra get a small hatchback, Adera – the new 7-seater universal, Slavia – large sedan, and the Terra – the SUV.

Recall that in the coming years, AvtoVAZ will need a lot of new names. After all, the factory plans by 2015, fully upgrade its entire model range. Of the current models will remain only a Kalina, and even then it will undergo a major upgrade. “In early 2012 we plan to launch the first new model. This R-90, which was presented at the Moscow Motor Show. On the line that we are now modernizing and building with Renault-Nissan, just a year and a half years, will be launched five models of three brands – Renault, Nissan and AvtoVAZ. With a very serious unification of parts. For people to understand that the same database from the same components with the same people on the same line of cars made the three brands, “- said president of AvtoVAZ, Igor Komarov.

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