Lada 2107

After the president of Russia Vladimir Putin has set the task of the Ministry of Internal Affairs to lower death rate in road accident by 2012 in one and a half time, amendments have been brought in the law, connected with toughening penalties for infringements of rules of traffic. However, such measures while appear ineffective. In spite of the fact that since August for overtaking on a counter strip deprivation of the rights threatens, the quantity of departures a counter strip for four months was reduced all to 0,2 %. And the number of road failures has decreased only for 0,5 %. Nevertheless, the deputy chief of motor licensing and inspection department of Russia Vladimir Kuzin is adjusted optimistically, and considers, that though parameters are not so significant, the law influences consciousness of drivers. Besides, validity of new measures, as he said, while too short, and conclusions to do still it is premature.


Experts, in turn, do not divide such opinion: the chapter of the Moscow board of a legal protection of motorists Victor Travin declares, that these shares of percent have appeared or because of a statistical error, or because of the inspectors taking bribes from drivers that the report on infringement will not be made. In his opinion, toughening of penalties is absolutely useless measure.


Let’s remind, that penalties for infringements of rules of traffic will essentially increase since January, 1, 2008.