vaz_logoTrade mark Lada has taken off from rating Top-40 of the most expensive Russian brands under version Interbrand Zintzmeyer Lux, transfer “Sheets”. Last year Lada borrowed in this list 39 line with result 922 million roubles or about $32 one million (in so much in 2006 experts have estimated brand Lada). Loss from a rating of the most expensive brands speaks first of all that Lada last year has lost almost 10 % of the Russian automobile market. Besides loyalty of consumers to this mark of machines everyone becomes lower and lower.


It is interesting, that in a rating there is other Russian automobile brand – “GAZELLE”. In opinion of analysts, now the trade mark “GAZELLE” costs 3,7 billion ruble (29 line of the list). According to adviser Interbrand Zintzmeyer and Lux Sergey Sharjukova, the success of “GAZELLE” is quite explained, in fact automobiles of this mark are the unconditional leader in the market of easy commercial automobiles, borrowing about 50 % of the market.