Lada Chevrole

As against foreign cars Niva which have received the Russian citizenship – completely domestic development, and that the concern « General Motors » considered favourable to decorate her radiator a lattice with trade mark Chevrolet, should amuse vanity of the VAZ. As last time an occasion comparable on scale for pride at him{it} was more twenty years ago when light “Field” has seen the VAZ – 2121. We shall remind, that in due time it was one of the first off-road cars with a bearing body.


The constant full drive added with blocking of interaxal differential, fine passableness and surprisingly low price have made its{her} popular not only in Russia – the compact off-road car from Tolyatti till now can be met in Spain, France, Finland and even Brazil. To tell the truth, with the small clause: in rural or mountain areas, there, where the wheel formula 4х4 is more important than comfort. However today for a successful competition the off-road car should be universal so before developers Chevrolet Niva, and the main thing, before those who « lead up it to mind », there was a uneastask.

Lada Chevrole

And heating of seats


Except for combinations of devices, the interior has inherited nothing from the VAZs


The machine on the test has got to us in complete set GLS – with the conditioner, cast disks and a number of pleasant trifles like forward seats. However, despite of easy , with landing in interior we to hasten did not begin and have closely examined the machine from different directions. Results consolatory – backlashes between body panels uniform, headlights are established equally, and even doors open and closed normally. However, is also interior so we shall glance inside. The first, on what you pay attention, – a smell: easy aroma  the plastic, caused once at the ordinary Soviet motorist proof associations with new machine. So, recipes of preparation have remained former? Similar, that not absolutely so: is not present, all is collected accurately. Plastic, the truth, rigid, but under the invoice definitely reminds soft. From the negative moments it is possible to note cross-section covers of an ashtray and a box, but, taking into account the price of the machine to complain about it ridiculously.

Lada Chevrole

The design of interior any family niva has not kept features – it does not look neither out-of-date, nor utilitarian. But there are strokes from Chevrolet: systems of ventilation are obviously inherited from transatlantic off-road cars. Chubby buttons on торпедо too look quite in an American way, and the handles, called to facilitate landing in interior to back passengers, almost same, as on Tahoe. On born in the center торпедо panels of control bulbs are seen symbols of systems like ABS and SRS with which novelty while to equip nobody gathered.


The handle facilitating landing, as on Chevrolet Tahoe


However, the secret is opened simply – apparently, GM assigns the big hopes for export of the machine, and in the future it will receive all necessary for commercial success in Europe options including pillows of safety, the place for which is already reserved. Separately it is necessary to mention a thick, solid rudder – it is pleasant for holding in hands, and besides the column is quite really was with adjustable height, enabling  it is rather convenient. armchairs soft, and, that is important, them have pleasant camber in area of a waist. And fans of lateral support will be disappointed. Colors of a upholstery of seats are quite pleasant, and decorative inserts are made of the same material on doors.


Pleasant rotundities


Has pleased also that fact, that the wood of levers “decorating” a floor of old “Field”, here is appreciablly cultivated: for inclusion of lowering lines of transfers and blocking of interaxal differential now are the uniform handle. Simply also management of ventilation and heating – all is made conveniently out by three rotating handles. To tell the truth, at the maximal speed of work of the fan pulled out of air rustles rather strongly, but the fan is not audible. By the way, having blown glasses works quite effectively: windows covered with hoarfrost on a frost have quickly thawn. And yard keepers, alas, and were not warmed up up to working temperature and to brush away a nonfreezing liquid did not begin. as it was found out, work slowly irrespective of temperature in interior.


The jack – orphan


From the point of view of practicality Chevy Niva definitely bypasses the progenitrix. The centimeters won due to increased on comparison about the VAZ – 21213 to base, have in part gone on an increment of a luggage carrier, have in part added open space in interior. Certainly, to carry in it{her} the boss on a back seat hardly will come to someone in a head, but at least now here is where to put legs. A sofa it is divided{shared} in the ratio 3/7 and in the combined kind forms slightly inclined surface. Spoil impression wheel arches which eat a part of useful cargo space a little. Thus on one of them it is lonely with a jack which will be obviously prevented. Better for it would make special lada  above an arch – all the same the place vanishes.


One left




The beginning of movement reminded a meeting with the girlfriend of the childhood: familiar features meet, but as a whole all has marvellously changed. At a pedal of coupling is well familiar gap right at the beginning of a course, but the hydraulic booster of a rudder of German firm ZF allows to leave from a parking, rotating  practically one finger. The motor – a 1,7-liter variation classical VAZ “four”, but equipped inspirator, and as against editorial usual “Field” injection works quite adequately, and any unexpected failures and for the motor. In city it is necessary to boss rather intensively lever KP, tightening up the engine, but besides problems with dynamics at manoeuvering in traffic are not present. To tell the truth, that the right mirror began to shiver a little prevented, and the image in it began to blur. On line Chevy Niva behaves quite decently, but can please unless the legislative driver. At that it runs exactly, not demanding, cruiser speed – 110 km/h.


After that boundary Russian Chevy also is dispersed reluctantly, and joint noise of the motor, rubber and a wind is audible more strongly, than it would be desirable. On the other hand, noise have almost disappeared, and in fact the VAZ – 21213 at speed is higher than 80 km/h started to hoot  as the plane the turbine, and the lever vibrated as… Well, say, the motor-puncher. Explain it usually original machine design – KP and a distributing box at “Field” incorporated going obliquely short cardan. Chevy Niva has inherited transmission from the progenitrix, but instead of cardan at it SHRUS cost,  fastens to a body through rubber support, and rubed details, apparently, simply are better adjusted.

It is pleasant, that on controllability Chevy is closer to the VAZ – 21213, than to  the VAZ – 2131. There is no chilling blood insufficient as at the last, – it is possible, due to wider rubber of dimension 205/70R15 against old 175/80R16, but thus it is not declined to the longitudinal swing and unperturbably swallows “large” roughnesses. As to steering management, it more likely easy, than informative. Nevertheless at desire the moment forward wheels can be caught. In turns Niva, certainly, heels, but for an off-road car not too strongly.


Prepotent gene


And what with passableness – a bargaining chip of old “Field”? Here everything is all right. Actually the road gleam has decreased all for 10 mm,  have increased insignificantly, and transmission has remained former. In this case it is possible to count a unique minus the increased base. But the automobile not on hummocks and to maneuver on it due to presence of the hydraulic booster it is easier. On snowdrifts the machine went normally, despite of domestic all-weather rubber, on snow-covered did not try to be developed playfully across a track as her the progenitrix, and only in city we were embarrassed. To remove a pair of the effective staff, it was necessary to storm almost in a forehead a border. To do it by a course it would not be desirable, and from a place it was impossible – despite of the included lowering transfer, draft on small revolutions nevertheless did not suffice a cursor – some times it has decayed. It was necessary to be rolled away on half-meter for dispersal…


Full harmony


Funny, but we have paid attention to design Chevy Niva not at once. Actually, it has become familiar already, some years on a kind. However after day of photographings we have seen her in other light. First, in a reality this automobile is more nice, than in photos. And second, appearance in this case quite corresponds to character. Niva looks all right the cut out automobile, the such robust fellow what she and is actually. And the lattice with one cross-section rod and a golden cross was came to it to the person much more, than former a composition a la Jeep. Besides we have found out a pair of amusing trifles: a full-size casing of a spare wheel, besides with proud inscription Chevrolet, and sticking out of deepenings in back bumper towing eyes. The last are painted in color of a body and adjoin with, but to use them nevertheless conveniently. In any sense it is possible and on all Chevy Niva – and looks not bad, and to adventures is always ready.


Thus the price of the machine in base complete set L makes $8000, and version GLS tested by us which while is inaccessible to buyers, will cost $9350. The nearest competitor Chevy Niva, Kia Sportage the Kaliningrad assembly, almost is twice more dear. Strictly speaking, it on characteristics would be more correct for comparing to the European version of the Tolyatti off-road car: on hearings, she will receive more powerful motor Opel and transmission from Suzuki with a connected full drive. Probably, that under the order such machine can be taken and in Russia.


Well and those automobiles which are sold now by dealers GM, leave: interested persons enter the name, even bring money beforehand. Also it is not necessary to think, that it is vestiges of socialism: in the West cases when on new machines there is a turn too are known and under the initiative of the buyer the deposit is brought. Usually similar splash is characteristic for the most successful models…