Chairman of board of directors the Autovase Vladimir Kadannikov has declared, that essentially new model auto a factory will be constructed together with corporation Auto General Motors. Apparently, the question is about, the automobile, the sedan of class D known earlier, as the VAZ – 2116 and the VAZ – 3116 – Lada the Silhouette. It is possible, that auto the VAZ will develop the ideas incorporated in concept-penalty Lada the Silhouette, but in any case the basic units and units auto will be borrowed.


 It was possible to glance inside of automobile Lada the Silhouette – interesting design, qualitative materials, accurate assembly. It is supposed, that this machine will be published in 2010. Specially for Lada the Silhouette is developed completely new fore-part a platform and the two-liter engine. A diesel engine and Lada the Silhouette perspective later variants.

Lada Silhuette

 Concept machines of the future already exists: the harmonious, prompt automobile, family, the big sizes, for accommodation with comfort five person. And founders avto Lada the Silhouette give comfort great value: reliable systems of  “life-support” and convenient landing, the magnificent review and obligatory “winter” options such as cold start-up or defreezing of glasses.


VAZ Lada the Silhouette

VAZ Lada the Silhouette



 So, the body avto Lada Siluet is designed not only harmonious and pleasant approximately, are taken into account{discounted} here and requirements EuroNCAP: designers have provided necessary space between a cowl and the motor that is necessary for a forward part of impact in case of arrival of the automobile.


 About quality Lada the Silhouette – special conversation. Whether workers to 2010-му can find the correct compromise between the price of the machine and reliability of his units? We hope. Anyway, a resource to automobile Lada the Silhouette have measured in 200 thousand in km (at ” Vaz 21110 ” today – 150 thousand). Founders concept auto Silhouette Lada count the VAZ: the automobile is conceived as inexpensive, family, universal purpose. Big that heart was pleased! Five it should place with comfort. And the luggage carrier auto is necessarily! – that on everyone a minimum one hundred litres.