Lada 2110 Photo

Lada 2110 Photo

Is standard to count what to drive about on modest domestic automobiles – destiny of losers or workers of the small organizations. However the life, as always, brings the corrective amendments in rules. Vladimir Evgenjevicha Amenitskogo cannot be attributed to the ordinary employee. But the main expert in narcology of area it is very quiet and even with pleasure the private soldier Russian “Lada” – the tenth model uses. Also that it tells about long-term “novel” with “Lada”.

“This Machine I operate since a summer of 2000 years-will be already fast seven years. Dimensions of the automobile allow to squeeze into anyone schelochku – on” Mercedes “about similar it is possible and to not dream. The machine yurkaya, is not afraid of overtakings on a stone blocks, the rudder at dispersal does not stop aside. Fine brakes – for almost 70 thousand run never was problems. The body practically does not rust. Certainly, to Crimea or to Caucasus you will not go — not enough place, but for city the machine is ideal. By the way, the charge of gasoline on city – only 8 litres. My personal “Volvo” consumes twice more. “Ten” can recommend to managers of an average hand, not too rich managers, serving firms, and also to doctors and militia. But, I shall be repeated, “Lada” it is good for city is not cruise the automobile.

Unfortunately, did not manage and problems. However all of them quickly were solved in car-care center.

Huge advantage of the VAZ – unattractiveness for the hijackers. So, if want to sleep easy, – buy “Lada” and if troubles – then “Audi” or “Mercedes” are necessary. Only once a certain pity essence has got into interior auto – the person in a condition of narcotic intoxication who at all did not understand, what for it has opened the machine. So an immobilizer which is established in the automobile, I so never and have not taken advantage – there was no necessity.

Behind a rudder I feel confidently, lack of a place is not present, though at me growth of 180 centimeters, and weight – almost 100 kg. That unequivocally does not suffice the automobile so it is the hydraulic booster of a rudder. But it does not prevent me – I play in basketball, and to women “assistant” would be very opportunely. At times there is no capacity of the engine – but it and to the best, will come to nobody in a head to drive on “Lada” on a line. I never saw failures with participation of “Zhigulis” – foreign cars quite often “embrace” trees.

In the near future I think to hand over the automobile at residual cost on “Lada” – deterioration at the machine few, a body not rusty, and cast disks give a beautiful kind. And in exchange I am going to take a novelty – “Lada Priora”. I have already sat in this automobile, there were the most pleasant impressions. If the choice – to buy “Lada Priora” was or 10-years “German”, would take our, Russian. With second-hand foreign cars there is a heap of problems, in “Lada” for a year will remove all revealed defects, and it will be possible to go normally. In general, the money of “ten” has justified “.