Since January, 26th, 2009 of Open Society AUTOVAZ has increased cost prices for cars LADA. On the average on all lineup increase has made 2,45 %. AUTOVAZ within eight months, from the beginning of June, 2008, did not increase holiday cost of cars in spite of the fact that rise in prices in the Russian automobile market became the general tendency. In the beginning of December, 2008 Open Society AUTOVAZ management, considering interests of buyers, has made decision not to raise cost of cars LADA till January, 26th, 2009. Thus, cost prices for cars LADA have grown in 2008 on 4,3 % at a rate of inflation more than 12 %. By results of 9 months 2008 Open Society AUTOVAZ net profit has made 834 million roubles that below a similar indicator of 2007. It speaks reduction of profitability of sales owing to advancing rate of increase of the cost price of production at preservation of the prices for cars. And one of the reasons of increase in the cost price is the intensive rise in prices for metal (on the average, more than on 50 % from the beginning of year), commodity-material assets and services of monopolies (gas, the electric power, heat-carriers, rail transportation).