LadaThis VAZ 2107 has come into the hands of Michael 1,5 year ago. Right after purchases Michael as the person already having experience of operational development of VAZs, has begun work on perfection of the given car. Work went simultaneously in several directions (here it is necessary to add that completion is conducted both now and hardly will stop shortly), and that is important, in this case not creation racing bolida was the purpose of alterations, and increase in comfort, safety, convenience of management, well and, naturally, tjagovo-dynamic characteristics, in general, everything that should make factory, but could not, has not wanted. 96 “mares” under a cowl Standard dynamic abilities classical “zhigulej” can satisfy only the most undemanding drivers, therefore the question on improvement of dynamics of our heroine has risen sharply enough. Tuning VAZ 2107. Improvements of tjagovo-dynamic parametres of the engine can achieve in several ways: This speeding up of the regular engine (increase in degree of compression, completion of a head of the block of cylinders, installation of a camshaft with wide phases etc.) ; The second way is a replacement of the engine by another, obviously more powerful (for example, the rotorno-piston engine or the engine from the car of foreign manufacture). But these ways have serious lacks, therefore a choice has fallen on the third variant — installation of the engine with the big working volume (1,8) from VAZ-2131. Thus, Michael has received the engine with bolshej capacity and a twisting moment, without suffering with installation of the non-standard power unit. To reduce noise which in work publishes a chain of a drive of a camshaft, Michael has replaced it on single-row, for this purpose it was required to replace also leading, conducted and intermediate asterisks, uspokoitel and natjazhitel chains. The boot natjazhitelja is necessary for truncating from above on 20 mm. All these details are taken from VAZ-21214. Hydrojacks and natjazhitel chains “Rhodes” are based on a principle developed by Japanese for firm SAAB, also promote decrease in noise and besides relieve the owner of necessity periodically to regulate backlashes and a chain tension. The regular carburettor and trambler have been replaced with the products prepared by experts KARTJUNINGa, and on air clearing the filter of zero resistance has been planted.