Lada 2111 Universal

Lada 2111 Universal

Lada-2111 (VAZ-2111) VAZ-2111 – the first forward control the VAZ versatile person. The Russian Autovaz has decided not to lag behind the motor-car manufacturers of all world having some versatile persons in the industrial assortment, and except “four” to exhaust also VAZ-2111.

Exhausted since 1998, five-door the versatile person became the irreplaceable companion of all family for trips on a city and for travel, and also for small businessmen which often to have to transport small cargoes. Obvious advantages of the car is its raised comfortableness, good smoothness of a course and stability on road. The modern external design VAZ-2111 is ideally combined with free comfortable interior and a volume luggage compartment which at the general load-carrying capacity of 500 kg changes from 490 to 1420 l. It is possible thanks to that rear seats if necessary can be combined so that to receive an equal horizontal floor. Back, as well as on import analogues, it is possible to spread out in the ratio 1:2 and then it is convenient to transport both bulky cargo, and passengers. It is in addition possible to place 50 kg of cargo on a roof luggage compartment.

Cars VAZ-2111 is further development of family of  “ten”. As well as at VAZ-2110 as car plus are considered and two unique systems established here – SAUO and BSK. The first (an automatic control system a heater) in an automatic mode warms up interior, maintaining the set temperature. The second (the onboard monitoring system) watches levels of technical liquids, a condition of brake blocks, serviceability of bulbs in system of external illumination, behind correctness of closing of doors, notifying the driver on failure special signals. The engine on VAZ-2111 can be applied one of two variants: with elektronno steered multidot injection and the electronic ignition system. The engine a working volume of 1,5 l, with 8 valves provides sufficient indicators on capacity (56кВт) and to the turning moment (116 Nanometers) at moderate fuel consumption.

The engine a working volume of 1,5 l, with 16 valves, dvuhvalnoj a head of the cylinders, providing the raised indicators on capacity (94 l.s) and to the turning moment (128 Nanometers), allows to have to the car the improved dynamic qualities at fuel consumption preservation. The same parity remains and for new engines with a working volume of 1,6 l. VAZ-2111 is issued in four versions – with the engine of 1,5 l 8 and 16 valve (VAZ-21110 and VAZ-21113) and with the engine of 1,6 l (VAZ-21112 and VAZ 21114) 8 and 16  valve accordingly. On a complete set following variants of execution – “standard”, “norm” and “lux” are provided.

VAZ-2111 with modern design, the economic engine, convenient interior and concerning the low price in relation to foreign cars of a similar class, will be interesting to the various strata of society of Russia.