By 2010 AvTOVAZ almost completely will update the lineup. By then from the enterprise conveyor “classics” and “ten”, and by 2011 – “Niva” and family “Samara” will leave. Their place will occupy Kalina and Priora, and also a new car model, in working out and which manufacture $1 billion “Ten” from next year intends to invest AvTOVAZ will be gradually replaced with car Lada Priora which volume of output by 2009 leaves on prektnuju capacity in volume more than 200 thousand cars a year. The new family on a uniform platform becomes replacement to cars LADA Samara. By AvTOVAZ calculations, its release should begin in 2009. In the first year of manufacture should be made such 10 000 cars, but in 2012 this figure can grow 500 000 cars. Thus at factory do not exclude that manufacture of cars on a new platform can be adjusted not only on AvTOVAZ, but also at other enterprises. AvTOVAZ has estimated investments into the organisation of assembly of this car in $1 billion.