From January, 26, 2009 there is OAO «AVTOVAZ» increased vacation prices on cars LADA. On the average on all model row an increase made 2,45%. According to news of press-office, «AVTOVAZ» during eight months, from the beginning of June, 2008, did not increase a vacation cost of cars, in spite of the fact that a price increase at the Russian motor-car market became a general tendency. At the beginning of December, 2008 there is managing OAO «AVTOVAZ», taking into account interests of buyers, made decision not to promote the cost of cars LADA to January, 26, 2009. Thus, vacation prices on cars LADA grew in 2008 on 4,3% at the level of inflation more 12%.

On results 9 months 2008 years the net income of OAO AVTOVAZ made 834 million roubles, that below than analogical index 2007 years. It is explained by diminishing of profitability of sales because of passing ahead rate of growth of unit cost at the maintainance of prices on cars. And one of reasons of increase of prime price is an intensive price advance on a metal (on the average, more than on 50 % from the beginning of year), material assets and services of monopolies (gas, electric power, teplonositeli, railway transportations).