Car of Lada 2115 is the founder of family under the conditional name Samara-2, which is modernization of models of Vaz-21099. From previous models new Lada 2115 distinguish bumpers, painted in the color of basket, new back lanterns. Spoiler of luggage rack lada 2115 complemented by a stop-light, on doors moldingi is located, there are cowlings of thresholds. After translation of assembling lada 2115 with OPP (opytno-promyshlennoe production) on a factory conveyer sale of cars of vaz 2115 remains up-to-the-mark. Today prices on vaz 2115 optimum due to what a car is very popular, as well as other models are in family of  Samara-2.

Founder of model row «Samara-2» – car Lada 2115, it is ordinary sedan, with a front drive. AVTOVAZ began his issue at the beginning of age, and more precisely, in 2001. He incarnated in itself the best, that was in models 2108, 2109 and 21099, accordingly, uniting them with the last developments of the Russian engineer of that time. Thus, it is needed to be objective, a price on a car was enough competitive and did not fly up upwards, in spite of his popularity.
By the distinguishing features of model Lada 2115 on the face of it to steel of headlight of new construction and enough unusual forehand of car. Also developers worked above original appearance of hood and front wings. A model was equipped by the back lanterns of more large size, spoiler with additional stop-lights, moldingami on doors and even by bumpers under the color of car. The cowlings of thresholds appeared besides it, and a luggage rack was modified so that a lid opened opening to the luggage rack.
It in same queue influenced on increasing popularity of this machine, and sale of VAz 2115 grew proportionally to demand.

Both a salon and internal equipment of driving space suffered considerable changes.
At first, developers licked into more streamlined shape and functional ergonomic of device panel on which appeared great number of new devices, including switches on illuminating from beneath and control lamps. A side computer informs about the state of door locks, whether the straps of safety are fastened, about the state of skids, key of lighting forgotten in a lock and much other information, so necessary for a driver in everyday exploitation of car.
A salon, besides the presence of designer novelties, an enough volume and comfortable. Soft coverage of seats, enough practical system of motion of front seats, and also wide gamut of positions, not interfering with passengers in the back-end of car.

The new heating system effectively contests with low temperatures in a cold pore, and passengers feel in such car very comfort. A few good devices however had to be adopted for predecessors. The question is about the managed steering column, some developments in fastenings of straps of safety and in combination of devices. As well as at «to the tenth model», the number of machine is fastened on a bumper.
At the beginning of 2007 model of Lada 2115 goes out from a conveyer with renewed, 1,6 by a with a capacity of one the liter engine, that provided more powerful motion on the road.
A car is steady on roads, aerodinamic and differs good indexes in daily exploitation.
Sale of Lada 2115 carried out in 4 kh motor shows of company in Moscow, that gives an additional guarantee on high-quality service and removal of any problems, if such will arise up in the process of purchase, be that problems of legal or technical character.