The Volga car factory once again becomes cheaper has decided to raise cost of the cars (on an official site this step is named by “correction” of the prices). On the average increase will make 2,5 % it, however, will concern only cars made in 2009. «Updating of the prices for cars speaks necessity of indemnification of influence of inflationary processes. In connection with increase in dollar exchange rates and the euro has occurred the growth of expenses connected with rise in price of import components. First of all it concerns the equipment for luxury complete sets the import share in which makes an order of 30 %», – is told in a communique. And here the prices, on the contrary, will fall to cars which have been let out in 2008. And, much more. So, family Samara will fall in price on 12,1 %, Kalina and Priora become more accessible on 10,9 % and 13,4 % accordingly. And the price of rear-wheel “classics” will fall to 13,8 %.