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The well-known “tenth” family of the Volga car factory has died. Sedans and hatchbacks do not let out for a long time already, and recently the conveyor was left also by the “eleventh” versatile person. But to fans of “sheds” it is not necessary to worry – “AvtoVaz”, at last, has begun manufacture of versatile person Lada Priora.

What represents the new car which, by the way, is the most expensive serial model Lada? “Muzzle” of this car differs nothing from sedan or a hatchback which are already well familiar to us. And here a back part here it is perfect another.

When representatives “AvtoVaz” have told two years ago that they wish to make Priora in a body the versatile person this news has not caused rough delight. Especially at those who appreciates in the car not only its practical possibilities, but also beauty. After all the versatile person on the basis of  “ten” did not differ refined forms. It was “shed”. The new versatile person too not sparkling grace, but it looks much more interesting! Put nearby Priora and Lada-111 and all of you will understand. Thanks to the window line lifted up upwards, other wings and a bumper, and also absolutely new lanterns which are located directly on a body, Priora any more does not cast suicide thoughts. It is terrible to tell, but designers Lada especially are to be abused no at all! Unless old «tens» doors spoil rather balanced appearance of the car a little. And that these doors have undergone to little changes – they have received new handles of doors under «the natural successful fellow».

The luggage space has turned out big on volume, and to load things there simply enough – at desire back armchairs it is possible to combine, thanks to what the decent platform with an equal floor (there it is possible even to sleep) is formed. There are also some pleasant trifles which we, to admit, did not expect to see on versatile person Lada Priora. So, in a luggage carrier here is a lot of special скоб thanks to which it is possible крепить load. Besides, on tested cars there was even a special fixing grid, as on good foreign cars! This simple novelty has caused weight of disputes among journalists – all guessed, the grid enters into complete set Priora or not? And here that has appeared. Now the grid all the same does not enter into equipment Priora. However it will soon put on cars in a complete set “lux”. And if the buyer takes the car in the simple version it can order a grid for an additional payment. And, there will be a choice possibility – will be as a “small” grid with four carbines, so “big”.

Back armchairs develop as it is necessary – is remembered on hatchback Priora which has appeared on sale last year, with it there were huge problems. Latches then rose with such work that it was possible to break fingers. On the versatile person the mechanism of fixing of armchairs remained without changes, however, «doodah» here function with hardly any trouble at all. According to founders Priora, no sorcery here is present – simply on the first hatchbacks which have got to journalists on the test, the mechanism has been badly adjusted.


Besides, already in second half of this year on the versatile person there will be absolutely new mechanism of folding of back armchairs where it will not be necessary to lift clamps any more. Will enough press the special button and to combine seats. And still it is necessary to notice that Priora the versatile person in the version “lux” will soon receive a new shelf of a luggage carrier – it can be wound on a drum. Already now cars have dredging necessary for it!

It is pleasant that all versatile persons, even in a base complete set, have rayling. And, at once with three fastenings on a roof. Last moment is important – on old “eleventh” versatile persons put рейлинги with two fastenings which at loading often broke. Now, according to founders of the car, they became much stronger and without problems maintain cargo in 50 kg (in Tolyatti especially are proud of that all stamps for new basket car elements have been made in Japan).

And still that the driver has at once three ways of opening of a back door was pleasant. It can take advantage of the standard ignition key, can press a button on an alarm system charm, and can involve function of remote opening of a luggage carrier from salon.

Well and now about the most favourite. About lacks Lada. They, certainly, are present. It is possible to carry still not ideally working mechanism of switching of speeds to car minuses. Complaints to it were even in the spring of 2007 when on sale there were first sedans Priora. Then speeds in 5-step “mechanics” were switched indistinctly (and at times they and at all “did not wish” to join from the first), vibration on the lever were too big, and at attempt to cut back the hand ran into a driver’s armchair. After two years of basic changes in the mechanism and has not occurred. But nevertheless we will notice that speeds began to join hardly more accurately, and vibrations on a side scene have decreased. Also there is a hope that soon situation with a box will improve cardinally – project head Lada Priora Vitaly Kozenkov has promised to us that in the near future there will be absolutely new mechanism of switching of speeds.

In the same list of lacks it is necessary to carry and old armchairs with absent lateral support in which people with a sick back feel not in the best way. Though nevertheless these seats it is hardly better, than sedans Priora of the sample of 2007 – at them had more appreciable zone support though thus about any adjustment here speeches do not go. Well and certainly we will tell about far not ideally adjusted elements of salon and windshields which fall not completely.

As well as it was supposed, in movement the versatile person anything basic does not differ from a sedan or a hatchback. Yes, of course, here not such rigidity of a body as on the same 5-door hatchback, and in intense turns it is felt. But thus about any laxity of speech does not go. After all the versatile person has received the additional amplifier under a roof thanks to what it became much stronger, than its predecessor. Unless visibility back in new model became worse (in many respects at the expense of other back racks and the headrests established on the second row of seats). Therefore unpretentious парктроник which put on the version “lux”, on the versatile person any more luxury, and safety means.


And here the engine here same (1,6 l, 98 h.p.). 98 “horsies” to modern measures not and are a lot of, but it is quite enough for the overwhelming majority of buyers Priora of it.

Wish to know, how many there is a new versatile person? This information is already accessible – the car in a base complete set “norm” have estimated in 313 912 rbl. “Lux” with ABS, two pillows of safety, parktronik, an electropackage, the conditioner, system of automatic inclusion of “yard keepers” and headlights “lux” will manage already in 357 107 rbl. And will cost the car in the version a radio tape recorder 362 000 rbl.

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