At 5th International exhibition “Interavto-2009” which has opened on August, 26th AvTOVAZ has presented a wide exposition. At stand LADA – 10 cars which are focused and on the mass consumer, and on fans of exclusive technics. All cars are made in as much as possible equipped complete sets, some also contain options which will appear in the near future.


Family LADA PRIORA on “Interavto” is shown for the first time with its full complement – to a sedan and a hatchback the versatile person which sales have begun in June, 2009 was added. The novelty presented at an exhibition is equipped by an audiosystem which will be a part of serial complete sets by the end of 2009. The mark audio equipment “Ural Mountains” carries out radio functions, СD and МР3, and also is equipped by channel Bluetooth.

Cars KALINA which always differed an extensive spectrum of executions, this time show new colours. It is bright-salatovyj “kiwi”, grey-blue “ice”, is bright-dark blue “myskari” – the sparkling metallized enamels. The small-scale representative of family – LADA KALINA Sport 1.6 – is painted in not metallized yellow “lemon”. The bright shade successfully is in harmony with black salon.

Both KALINA and PRIORA are equipped with antiblocking systems. How much this the “electronic assistant” is important for the driver, visitors of the Moscow stand of AvTOVAZ can estimate on a special simulator. In a cabin of the imagined car the video series is shown, and “car” is plausibly enough shaken, making impression of an uncontrollable turn and showing effect of application АБС. Company BOSCH became AvTOVAZ partner by working out and manufacture АБС.

For active drivers AvTOVAZ has presented on “Interavto” racing LADA PRIORA WTCC and its “civil” variant – LADA PRIORA Sport. This “charged” version of sedan LADA PRIORA can be ordered in management of sports cars of AvTOVAZ. Outwardly the car distinguish a sports aerodynamic weather-cloth and wheels of the increased dimension, and inside – original upholsteries of an interior and anatomic seats which reliably keep the driver and passengers at passage of bends on high speed. Capacity of the engine is increased to 125 h.p. Also on LADA PRIORA Sport the sports suspension bracket and more effective brakes are established. The maximum speed LADA PRIORA Sport – 195 kilometres per hour.

At an exhibition legendary off-road car LADA 4х4 is presented also. After recent modernisation it became more convenient, more safe and has expanded the rideable qualities. User LADA 4х4 will note at once, the coupling pedal, factual a combination of devices became how much easier, and with what convenient mirrors today is equipped LADA 4х4. The off-road car exposed in Moscow is equipped also by new upholsteries of salon. They are made on modern technology, equipped by fabric inserts and capacious “pockets” on an inside of doors. These upholsteries – one more perspective detail which will appear on serial cars LADA 4х4 next year.