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The Volga car factory now is the main supplier of news to all Russian press. Still, the automobile enterprise largest in Russia has dared at dismissal almost 30 000 persons from 102 000 workers! For 780-thousand Tolyatti it is very serious figure. And one-stage dismissal of such large quantity of people can lead to very bad consequences.

Project C

And in these conditions heads “AvtoVAZ” have sounded the next anti-recessionary program – why the old program under which the state has allocated 25 billion (!) rbl. is not carried out, remains a riddle. The new program again provides credit reception. Have this time decided to be limited to more modest sum – 12 billion rbl.

Salon Lada

However besides reception of the next credit in the new program there are also other interesting points. So, “AvtoVAZ” wishes to refuse own workings out – the factory in the future does not wish to do the car on a perspective platform “C”. Instead of the «Project C» on which many counted (after all on its platform wished to do not only the sedan and a hatchback, but also rather interesting crossover and even a minivan), in Tolyatti will be limited only to statement on the model conveyor on platform Renault Logan. «Despite a serious reserve in working out of new models,« AvtoVAZ »has no possibility to finance their further working out and statement on manufacture», – admit on “AvtoVAZ”. And after all when in the beginning of year “AvtoVAZ” obtained the huge 25-milliard credit it in many respects gave under realisation of the project of it of the “future car» from the state!

Lada C-Cross

New Lada, constructed on platform Logan, should appear on sale in 2012 – then as hope on “AvtoVAZ”, market growth will begin. And, on the basis of Logan in Tolyatti can begin release at once several models. They also should compensate “classics” leaving – it should lay off in the same 2012.

Reno Logan

On new model which will be created on platform Logan, very much count and in Renault (the French company owns 25 % of actions of “AvtoVAZ”). «Renault absolutely trusts that command of heads which now works on AvtoVAZ. These people should take literally draconian measures, and we take great pain it to help, that AvtoVAZ was pulled out from this a difficult situation to which has got today. We help this command, we do literally everything because AvtoVAZ is the basic figure of our victory or defeat in Russia», – the head of Euroasian regional compartment Renault and the councillor of directors of “AvtoVAZ”  Christian Estev has declared on air of radio station “Echo Moscow”. – «For today concern” AvtoVAZ “should be reconstructed very powerfully».

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