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AUTOVAZ has spent long over-the-road tests LADA KALINA for the purpose of definition of reliability of the car and acknowledgement of the characteristics put in its design. Tests have shown: after 240 thousand kilometres of run LADA KALINA remains in a good condition.

Lada Kalina
Two sedans of family LADA KALINA from among the first serial samples have been subject to long over-the-road tests. Cars were maintained according to AUTOVAZ instructions: the first servicing is spent at run of 3000 km, the second – between 14 and 15 thousand run, and then – everyone 15 thousand kilometres. The recommended account materials and spare parts were used only. By the way, examination of the engine oils ordered by AUTOVAZ has shown, what even before replacement through everyone 15 thousand kilometres they basically kept the operational properties. The cooling fluid after 100 thousand kilometres of run (such is term of its service) has kept all physical and chemical characteristics.

Cars were tested on country highways, high-speed and lines of factory proving ground, and also in mountain areas of Russia. Run also have been engaged in the program of tests with a luggage compartment on a roof and with the 900-kilogramme trailer. Approximately 70 % of run cars went with an interior and luggage compartment total load. Cars were stored on open parking at temperature from-30 to +30 degrees.

After overcoming of 240 thousand kilometres both cars have been tested in laboratories of the scientific and technical centre of AUTOVAZ, then completely disassembled and checked up on deterioration degree. Following the results of probe it was found out that cars have not reached a limiting wear, and are still serviceable. In particular, in a good condition there was an engine, a gear box, a suspender, a steer, brakes and other basic knots.

Both cars have kept demanded body stiffness. Thanks to it LADA KALINA even after a continuous exploitation provides necessary level of passive safety and roadability which depend on ruggedness and strength of a body.

High-speed properties LADA KALINA also have not changed after 240 thousand kilometres: max has made about 160 km/hour, dispersal to 100 km/hour – 13,5 seconds. Fuel consumption too remained at level of passport indicators – 7,8 litres on 100 kilometres. The engine has kept the capacity (59,5 kw at 5200 turns in a minute) and twisting moment size (120 Nanometers at 2500-2900 turns in a minute). Preliminary treatment of an electronic engine management system has confirmed its serviceability.

During resource tests through cars LADA KALINA everyone 15 thousand were located at 6 o’clock in the chamber of a salt fog for check of anticorrosive protection. After 240 thousand kilometres of run appearance of a paint and varnish covering remained in norm. Sites of a body, which can be the corrosion centres (welding seams, flange connections and the body bottom), have appeared are not subject to a rust. Corrosion it is not revealed even in thresholds and other latent cavities of a body which after tests have been specially cut.

Results of tests are already used and today are applied in works on modernisation of design LADA KALINA. So, thanks to resource tests the manufacturing techniques of the catalyst converter which has raised strength and efficiency of knot have been corrected. Examinees of the car have received new system of drop of toxicity when have passed already on 90 thousand kilometres. After following 150 thousand kilometres cars LADA KALINA have kept the ecological compatibility up to the standard “Euro-3”.


AVTOVAZ has begun release of new version LADA Kalina. It is a sedan with 1,6-litre 16-valves the motor VAZ-21126 capacity of 98 h.p.

Lada kalina 98 h.p.

The engine was initially developed for LADA Priora, it differs a low level of noise and vibrations and has a high resource. One of the main features of the motor – the facilitated shatunno-piston group of manufacture of firm Federal Mogul. Besides, the drive gear gas-dispenser firm Gates gear which resource makes 200 thousand kilometres is applied.

On family LADA Kalina 1,6-litre 16-valve the motor at first has appeared on small-scale model LADA Kalina Sport 1.6. Operation has shown that more powerful motor gives to this easy car high dynamic characteristics: the maximum speed – 183 km/hour. Fuel consumption on a drive cycle of 7,2 l on 100 km. All cars for the Russian market correspond to requirements ecological-standart “Euro-3”.

The recommended retail price of new version of sedan LADA Kalina – 322824 rbl. the Hatchback and the versatile person with the 98-strong motor which have gone to a series in the end of 2009, stand 322824 rbl. and 327589 rbl. accordingly.

These three versions of family LADA Kalina are issued in a luxury variant – the complete set engages climatic installation with the air conditioner, face-to-face pillows of safety, seat belts with the gear of a pretension and effort restriction, antiblocking system of the brakes, a full electropackage, the filter of air arriving in interior, and other options.

“AVTOVAZ” Press centre

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