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V.Putin has visited also industrial shop. He has passed along the conveyor on which assemblage of cars “Lada Kalina” is carried out, communicated with workers, has tested one of ready cars “Lada Kalina”, having passed on high speed on a test track. Having returned to assembly shop, the President has expressed the opinion on the car, having noted an optimum parity of his price and quality.

Upon termination of ceremony of signing honored guests have visited industrial complex LADA KALINA where Vladimir Putin accepted shop of assemblage of cars. The president has shown interest to features of technological process of assemblage of cars LADA KALINA and quality assurance, having noted the modern approach in the manufacture organization. Vladimir Putin also has met workers of assembly shop.

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Summing up to the visit on AUTOVAZ, Vladimir Putin has told: “We can do good cars with use of modern technologies. I have talked in complex LADA KALINA to workers, people love the work. AUTOVAZ is a large enterprise with good prospects”.

Also the President of the Russian Federation has passed on a test track of Open Society “AUTOVAZ” at the wheel car LADA KALINA, having noticed that it is the good car for the class and a price niche.

One of three cars Lada Kalina of yellow color on whom the Russian prime minister Vladimir Putin traveled on a line Chita – Khabarovsk, becomes an exhibit of a museum of the Volga car factory in Tolyatti.


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