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Chevrolet Niva – all-wheel drive result of cooperation of the American and Russian designers. This car has been specially developed for the Russian conditions. It and the representative city car, and the comfortable companion for rest on the nature, and the reliable assistant in an economy. Range and complexity of a trip, road conditions, quantity the person and luggage subjects — from Chevrolet Niva it not a problem. Flotation ability of the car is provided with a design transmission, a road gleam of 200 mm, and also the big courses of suspenders. It guarantees the confident and safe movement on silnoperesechennoj districts, overcoming of fords by depth to semimeter and liftings by a steepness to 50 %. the Constant all wheel drive, depressing (2,14) and good geometrical flotation ability provide Chevrolet Niva excellent off-road abilities. In a base complete set the car is equipped by the 80-strong engine in volume of 1,7 l, system of the electronic distributed injection of fuel and an exhaust system of the fulfilled gases, corresponding to requirements of norms of toxicity “Euro-2”. However there is also more powerful version with motor “Opel-1,8” capacity of 125 h.p. which is equipped by the air conditioner, ABS and face-to-face pillows of safety. Chevrolet Niva has a constant all wheel drive, a five-step mechanical gear box, steering booster ZF, an adjustable steering tube, the electric drive of front window regulators and warmed mirrors, the central lock, an immobilizer and audiopreparation. In a basis of this car the idea of comfort traditional for Chevrolet has laid down:

• qualitative materials of an inner trim and a front panel;

• the modernised levers of transmission;

• the vacuum servo of brakes Valeo;

• a functional instrument cluster;

• convenient perchatochnyj a box;

• compact chetyrehspitsevyj a wheel of the ergonomic form;

• uluchshenaja vibro – and a body noise isolation;

• powerful system of heating of interior……

And also hundreds others engineering novshevstv in a combination to Chevrolet know-how have led to impressing result — to qualitatively new car which perfectly copes with severe constraints of the Russian impassability. The internal furniture of Chevrolet Niva is distinguished by modern design, accurate execution and high level of passive safety. Front seats of model of Chevrolet Niva are supplied by all necessary resettings. The rear sofa is equipped by a two-section back – put in a proportion 2:3, she allows to transport lengthy cargoes with ease. Chevrolet Niva are advantages of a traditional Russian off-road car Niva plus comfortableness and quality of Chevrolet.

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