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Lada Pickup

Lada Pickup

Tolyattinskaya company Lada-Toole, known as a producer of pickups VAZ-2329 on the basis of long “Niva” and powerful “Vaz 2110” VAZ-21106 with 2-liter engines opel in 2004 developed a new model – “Pilgrim.”
This 4-bed pickup with a body of vazovskoy “2110” and the running part of the “Nivy. The car turned out quite harmonious, and its concept of close to a typical American pick-up truck are not used as a mini-truck, but as a comfortable vehicle for active recreation. On the European market, the most widely distributed among the vehicles received a model of Mitsubishi L200. Tolyattinskaya also represents a new product is not yet a car, but a demonstration-running show car. It demonstrates the ability of design engineers thought tolyattinskih.

With a total similarity with the concept of a similar car, “Tarzan” from “Lada-Consul,” “Pilgrim” has a number of significant differences. Integrated into the body frame “Pilgrims”, as a whole increases rigidity of the structure and the car is a more progressive solution in comparison with conventional frame construction. Among other features worth noting on the front axle gearbox separate cushions, original mounting vazovskogo 1.8 liter engine bearings from the “classics”, and the scheme mounting box, the same applied to “Chevrolet Ниве. All this helped to achieve good results in vibroakusticheskogo comfort. Well, of course, that the “Pilgrims” had its original bodywork. The frame, which is integrated with the cab of the VAZ-2110, there is a full-fledged indoor loading platform. Under the metal lid of the trunk, which, incidentally, was called out of the cabin, can accommodate anything. In otkinutom able tailboard is a continuation of the flat cargo area. If you raise the back rear seat, which in this situation is fixed gas stops, we can combine the platform interior. This option is useful for transporting goods long, and not bad for a device for the night. Salon “Pilgrims” totally borrowed from the Lada-110 “and is only the existence of controls box and locking differential mezhosevogo.

They say that to date, “Lada-Toole recognized bankrupt.


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