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A car LADA VAZ: Lada 21144

Injector engine 1,6 l., 80 l.s, 5-ti mortars. K.P., basket “hathback”,, – forehand baskets with oblong headlights, original bumper, baskets cowlings of thresholds, spoiler of luggage rack, painted in a color with an additional stop-light, plastic protective straps (moldingi) on doors, – evrosalon (edging of doors and luggage rack), evropanel, managed steering column, a back seat is folded, increasing aluggage separation.


Lada 21144

Car lada 2114 — created on the base of car of vases 21093 with the modified form of basket, making better aerodynamics of car. Car of tune 2114 a modern design, renewed comfortable interior of salon, new panel of devices, distinguish. Optimum price on vases 2114 makes accessible this car. One of the most functional representatives of brand LADA, VAZ 2114 became in truth a functional and necessary car, dictated by a requirement in a machine, able to be a faithful helper to the proprietor.
One of distinguishing features of LADA 2114 the renewed engine became, in execution with 16 valves. It told on power, added both in speed and in an acceleration. A car is able to arrive at high speed a to 175 km\hour, and from a zero, a to 100 km is dispersed no more than for 12,5 seconds.

Lada 2114 there is ordinary, functional, stand and durable car and developed for those users, which need good machine, able to transport small loads. By the special popularity of VAZ 2114 uses in the less inhabited locality, out of megapolisov, because he neprikhotliv to quality of roads and brilliantly declared oneself both in the conditions of small cities and on distant distances.
A basic category of buyers is domestic people, needing in passenger and trucking industry, often visitant large wholesale markets, and summer residents. Of necessity back seats at the model of LADA 2114 folded so that an even horizontal floor turns out. It increases the volume of luggage rack to 750 litres, and transportation of load becomes possible to 500 kg of weight at comfortable sizes.
But it yet not all. Car of VAZ 2114 to 50 kg give placing of load on a luggage rack, rooftop.

But functionality of car thereon is not closed – there is possibility of placing of trailer behind, with brake power to 1000 kg of weight. As see, it is an indeed durable car and irreplaceable helper in an economy, on what did support at his development. Lada 2114 possesses the increased basket due to the special construction, and it is not unfounded assertion. Enough hard tests were conducted in different terms, up to the severest, on different roads and breadths of Russia. Thus, however surprisingly, model Lada 2114 rotined excellent results under various conditions, giving to the driver and passengers a smooth and smooth movement on the road.

A salon is enough spacious, to 4 passengers, not putting restraint each other and not interfering with a driver during a journey, can take place quietly in him.
Lada 2114 – one of the most successful developments of this brand, as proprietors assert. Landing of front driving seat is constructed so that any driver, be that fragile little woman or enough large man of high growth, will feel after a helm very comfort. One of pleasant additions in this model the powerful heating system of salon, and novelty expected a long ago, became among domestic cars – elektropodogrev of seats.
Price on VAZ 2114 enough acceptable, both for a townsman and for those, who lives in country, representatives of middle class. At a desire a machine can be purchased not only in base acquisition, but to get it in the already improved acquisition practically straight from a conveyor.

It is desirable to mark that a car is advantageous not only due to the price, functionality and good quality. As compared to western analogues, executing the same functions, enough advantageous and price on VAZ 2114 repair parts, subsequent maintenance and many other charges on maintenance car.

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