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In the end of 2005 under the control “RosOboronExport” has passed Avtovaz. While the new management was remembered only by that at once after capture an active has bought from profit of car factory some tens Toyota Land Cruiser. Later 3,5 years of Avtovaz put 60 % of the actives. The car, unlike oil, gas and metal, consists of 10 thousand components which need to be made, bought, correctly to collect, and turned out result to sell to the king-buyer choosing from ten of the same manufacturers. Nevertheless all history since 1966 of Avtovaz always was the successful enterprise, including crisis 1994 and 1998. Avtovaz, with rare exception, worked on a total load of capacities and sold all without the rest.

And here at last these times have ended. «RosOboronExport» has not carried that have ended at it, and it is necessary to do something serious, scale and not for all popular. Whether the new proprietor is capable of it? Or it is better to depart aside, having allowed to work as that who did it in difficult situations, — to Carlos Gonu and its command? The end beginning?

Under the information which have filtered to the official annual report as have written “Sheets”, the Autovase for last year will make the loss 6,5 billion roubles. It is the heavy loss for all history of car factory. Indirectly this fact proves to be true the annual report of the co-owner Avtovaz Renault where from possession of VAZ actions the loss is shown. By some estimations, from possession of papers of Open Society “Avtovaz” Frenchmen have lost 33 million euro.

Following the results of first two months of this year of sale the Avtovaz have fallen to 37 % — precisely on so-so market level. And though the Volga car factory feels much better than other Russian motor-car manufacturers while the plan of manufacture for 2009 is reduced approximately by 40 % — to 590 thousand cars and машинокомплектов. And considering that to 20 % of the program of release are the assembly complete sets delivered for assemblage of out-of-date models at other enterprises, it is not excluded that this year VAZ can block an antirecord of 1994 when record-breaking small quantity of cars — 529 thousand has been made.

But also it yet all tragedy. It became known that Avtovaz has put 60 % of the actives under credits of the Savings Bank and WTB in 36 billion roubles (and it almost 10 annual profits for the most successful 2007!). In the first half of the year of this year the Avtovaz should be extinguished 8 billion roubles. Besides, 5 more billion roubles can be demanded on the preschedule repayment of bonds. Avtovaz still counts on 26 billion state support roubles, but money from the state factory did not receive. On it have informed yesterday “Sheets” referring to the statement of the president of a motorcar giant of Boris Alyoshin.

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