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The creation history Exists the version that as a prototype for VAZ-2110 the car a Moskvich-2143 of Jauza has served. This informal statement is based on external similarity of design decisions. The first skilled copy VAZ-2110 has been shown B.Yeltsin during its visit on the Volga automobile factory in 1992, however to 1995. To mass-produce the car stirred a general crisis in the country.
* VAZ-21100 (8 valve the petrol engine with carburettor of 1,5 l was issued by a working volume with 1996 on 2000 г.)
* VAZ-21101 (8 valve the gasoline engine a working volume of 1,6 l.)
* VAZ-21102 (8 valve the gasoline engine a working volume of 1,5 l.)
* VAZ-21103 (16 valve the gasoline engine a working volume of 1,5 l.)
* VAZ-21104 (16 valve the gasoline engine a working volume of 1,6 l.)
* VAZ-21106 GTI 2.0 16V
* VAZ of 21108 “Prime ministers” * VAZ 21109 “Consul”
Car estimation. From the moment of the occurrence of “Ten” became the most prestigious Russian car, having occupied the top price niche of production of Open Society AvtoVAZ. However the disputable original design of the car has been ambiguously met by motorists therefore the car had at once nicknames, as that: «a pregnant antelope», «a pregnant donkey», “nested doll”, “capsule”, “flank”, “bast shoe”. Under the version of journalists of American portal Jalopnik, versatile person Lada-111 has taken a disputable eighth place in a rating of the ugliest cars sold outside of the USA.


Automobile Lada

Automobile Lada

AVTOVAZ continues to increase the share in the market of Ukraine. For January-February, 2009 there it is sold more than 7 thousand cars LADA that is an in the lead indicator in the local market. Brand LADA following the results of January-February of this year occupies here about 22 %. In December, 2008 on a share of sales of VAZ cars in Ukraine it was necessary about 16 %. Shares of other marks presented in the Ukrainian market of new cars, following the results of two months 2009 do not exceed 6 %. In 2008 brand LADA also became the leader of sales in Ukraine. For this period here it has been realised 105,1 thousand cars LADA, and their share of the market has made almost 17 %. Ukraine is one of large and perspective foreign markets of AVTOVAZ. Export of cars LADA to this country in 2008 has increased more than by 20 % in comparison with 2007.

On Cuba in competition on the best car of mark Lada a victory has gained VAZ-2107 which has been let out in 1982.

Lada 2107

Lada 2107

This competition was arranged for the first time in honour of race driver Juan Manuel Fangio who has won in 1957 the autorace which was passing on quay. The owner of the car-winner, Manuel, has told that for 27 years the car has visited strong failure then has been almost completely restored. Then the car has suffered from flooding – it has lain under sea water eight days because of what in the car it was necessary to change all electric equipment and a running gear. Manuel also has noticed that its car is now far from the original:” I have completely changed all salon, forward and back armchairs, a control panel, a wheel and other details of an interior – and it without speaking about changes in the engine and a running gear. Lada 2105 and 2107 on Cuba use not smaller popularity, than the American cars of the middle of the last century. By Tolyatti “classics” go both policemen, and taxi drivers. According to local residents, they are economic, easily are under repair and for them always there are spare parts.

The Car of the Lada VAZ 2104 it is deep modernization five-seater universal the classical configuration, let out by the Volga car factory since 1984. VAZ 2104 concerning to two to generation “classics”, has replaced on conveyor universal «first» generations – the car of the Lada VAZ-2102. But as early as a year them let out together. In the present time the car of the Harmony VAZ-2104 lets out Open Society “IjMash”.


Lada 2104

The car of the Lada VAZ 2104 with a body «universal», executed in uniform style with the base car of family – model of the car of the Lada VAZ-2105, is convenient for carting, both passengers, and loads. Therefore «four» for time the existence has deservedly received reputation the family-country car and delivery van for employers, engaged «tent trade». The car perfectly will approach and for distant travel, and for trips on city. At «four» the capacious salon, useful volume of a luggage carrier increases for the account of a developing back seat. Cutoff point back door in the area of a floor provides convenience pogpuzochno-pazgpuzochnyh work. These qualities, and also modest in operation and now provide popularity to this domestic of small capacity to the car.

The car of the Lada VAZ-2104 in different time had updatings 21041, 21043 and 21043-07, different motors 1,2 litre, 1,5 litre and «2107» salon accordingly. In 1994 VAZ-2104 with the engine worker in volume 1,3 l it is removed with production. Today base model became VAZ 21043 with the engine worker in volume 1,5 l and five-step mechanical case-passing that does the car VAZ of 21043 more dynamical and nice in management. Not so long ago there was an updating VAZ-21045 with  a diesel engine production “Bapnaultpansmash”, volume 1,52 litre.

In general, the design model car Lada 2104, and all classical models, ascetic. But INNER car depending on your desire to be different.  More economy variant supposes a standard panel with the minimally necessary set of switches and control – measurings devices, upholstering of salon and seats with standard underheads by leatherette, pezinovye carpets of floor. If you wish a greater comfort, then you the improved salon is offered to, original pulevoe wheel and panel of devices with an additional central cantilever which paspolaget pby an asshipennym set functional the key and control apparatus. The improved salon is seats with upholstering from the teased knitted fabric (front with highly heaved up the back), door with cel’nofopmovannymi protective straps, teased carpets of floor. This variant «four» will allow to you even in a distant journey to feel comfort.

Car of Tune 2104 and his base model car of Tune 21043 is a machine for those, who needs inexpensive, but practical and neppikhotlivyy domestic universal.

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